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CQ World-Wide DX Contest

Note: Keep in mind that this software is intended for the casual contester and GenLog has a 5000 QSO limit.

All stations send signal report and CQ zone. 

Multipliers are CQ Zones and DXCC/WAE countries per band.

QSO points:
Between stations in different continents, 3 points.
Between stations in the same continent, 1 point.
For North American stations: Between stations within NA, 2 points.
QSOs within your own country permitted for zone or country multiplier, but are worth 0 points.

Score = Total multipliers  X  total QSO points.

Check the CQ WAE list [ wae_list.txt ] post contest and edit your log if necessary. Click the {Edit/Change} label. Find the QSO and click that line. Click in the DXCC multiplier field and make the change.

Datafile required: [ cq_zones.dat ].