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North American QSO Party

CW, PH and RTTY are separate contests.

The contest exchange is your name plus State, RAC section or country. Multipliers are the 50 states, 13 RAC sections and other NA countries.

Enter/change your name/nickname in the TX Exchange field. Name fields are limited to 12 characters. Note: Your name is not saved in the log file, therefore this software has limited use in the multi-op category, where the TX name could be different on some bands.
Non-NA countries count for QSO points only, and are tagged DX in the right-most column of the log. This DX tag prevents sorting the DXCC exchange as State/RAC/NA multipliers, which would cause the wrong number of multipliers in the log. 

Transmitter power: 150W output maximum.

Points = 1 per QSO.
Score = QSOs  X  multipliers.

Datafile required: statnaqp.dat
KL7 and KH6 added in code.