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Edit LOG file

While logging, remember the shortcut command [DL] to `delete last` QSO, if you just entered it incorrectly (wrong band for example). After using the [DL] command, change bands and use the [L] command to recall the last callsign entered, then continue to log the corrected QSO. This is faster than going into the edit screen, which has its own limits anyway - it is impossible to have it dupe, check mults and re-tag the mults for every contest.

For the most part, you can edit the LOG file while in GenLog. Some contests have the edit feature locked out. A few contests I was unable to make the editor work properly without screwing up the log. But you can edit the ASCII log file that you named at the beginning of the contest using NOTEPAD or EDITPAD. Remember that the log file is space delimited. Use <Spaces> not <Tabs> between columns. As always, save a backup copy of your log before editing, just in case.

Note: When saving any file using any editor, make sure you select the proper file type (.log .txt etc) and insure that the file extension is what you wanted, not what Microsoft thinks it should be.
To enter the Edit screen, click the label below the clock.
Scroll the log for a QSO or click [Search] to look for a callsign in the log, and [Next Call] to find the next occurance of that callsign in the log.

Adding QSOs should not be done during the contest. Adding QSOs is a limited function. It is not possible to have all contests work correctly. After you add the QSO, make sure the data is correct - the number of new mults etc may not be correct. Certainly you wouldn't add QSOs (or delete) in contests that use serial numbers.

To add a QSO you forgot, click the QSO line that will follow the added QSO. Then click [Add QSO]. Enter the QSO information from left to right using the <Enter> or <Space> keys, as in normal logging. After entering all the data, click [Accept Add]. Click [Refresh] to view the updated Log Window. Click [Save Changes].

If you made edit changes to a QSO, the QSO was only changed in memory. If you don`t want these changes made, don`t use the {Save} command, use the upper-right-X or the Exit menu to exit the screen, then re-load your log file to negate the changes in memory.

To delete a QSO. Click that QSO line. Then click [Delete QSO]. Click [Refresh]. Click [Save Changes].

To edit the log in NOTEPAD or EDITPAD, save a back-up file first. When editing the log, keep the same column format (with spaces between, not Tabs). If you move the data in columns, GenLog will not read in the log correctly. If you think you screwed it up, then exit the editor without saving the file.

If you edited a file in NOTEPAD and get an error at file-reload, check for blank lines below the last QSO line. If you drag the cursor over the last QSO line and continue down the page, you will see if there are any blank lines below the last QSO. If so, delete them and re-save the file. 
Note: You do not need to re-start the logger to re-load an edited file.


If necessary, you can re-number the new mults column of your log file in the edit screen. Some contests have this function disabled due to the complexity of the multiplier requirements of the contest rules.

Click any QSO on the band in question. Change the multiplier to something different (remember what it was). Then change it back to what it was. The new mults column will renumber. Hint: If you copy the original mult using {Ctrl + C}, you can paste it back into the field using {Ctrl + V}. 

A back-up file was written before editing (filename.BU1). You can rename it to filename.LOG to reload if necessary. Keep in mind that Windows will not allow you to rename a file to a name that already exists. And, you need to set Explorer`s {View} options to be able to view the entire filename including the extension.

If you made changes to a QSO, the QSO was changed in memory. If you don`t want these changes made, don`t use the {Save} command, use the upper right [X] to exit the screen, then make sure you re-load your log file to negate the changes in memory.

QSO Point edits:
Normally the QSO points editor works fine. Contests that have points >9 require a 2 digit field. If you edit the points and only the first digit shows in the log, obviously only a single character was saved in the points field. In this case, edit the 2 digit points value in NOTEPAD and send me a note. Eventually I will get around to fixing this problem in all contests.

Click the {Goto last edited} to return to the line just edited in the editor`s log window.