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ARRL 160-Meter CW Contest

W/VE stations send RST and section or RAC province.
Multipliers: ARRL / RAC sections (83 max) and DXCC Countries.

DX stations send RST. DX-DX QSOs do not count.
Multipliers: ARRL / RAC sections (83 max).

QSO points:
All stations count 2 points for QSOs with Amateurs in ARRL / RAC sections.
W/VE stations count 5 points for DX QSOs.

When entering the section, a hard-coded lookup table allows different inputs other than the exact section abbreviation. EP=EPA, EM=EMA, etc. See / print the data file [arrl_sec.txt].

Score = QSO points X mults.

Datafile required: [ sections.dat ].