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RAC Canada Winter Contest

160m thru 2 meters, CW and PH modes.

RAC stations send RST and 2 letter province. VE0 and all others send RST and QSO serial #. 

Multipliers are 13 Canadian Province/Territories on each mode, CW & PH, per band.
No mults for non-VE QSOs - the multiplier counting function is skipped when a serial number is entered.

QSOs with Canadian stations are worth 10 points. 20 pts for RAC official stations (edit post contest as necessary). All non-Canadian QSOs are worth 2 pts. Set VE0 points to 2 before entering the QSO. 

Work stations on both modes. Score = QSO points  X  total mults from all 8 bands.

Datafiles required: