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Connecticut QSO Party

CT stations work everyone and send RST and county. Multipliers are 8 CT counties + 50 States + 13 VE + DX countries.

See State QSO Party mults to have the logger also count your own state as a multiplier, since you are receiving the county as the exchange.

Others work CT only and send RST and State/Province/DXCC. Multipliers are the 8 CT counties.

Pts: CW = 2, RTTY/PSK = 2 and PH = 1. Work stations on 3 modes. RTTY and PSK (and DIG) are the same mode in this contest and are shown as RY in Cabrillo. Using 1 mode for all digital QSOs will allow GenLog to dupe correctly.

Click the [Multi/Bonus] button to enter the bonus points for working the bonus station(s). Re-load log to update the score.

Score = QSO points  X  mults.

Datafiles required: [ all_count.dat ] & [ counties.txt ].
Check the list for county abbreviations.
<Enter> and <Space> to input logging information. <Tab> is only used to move between fields when necessary.