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Virginia QSO Party

VA stations work everyone and send QSO # and county or independent city. Multipliers are 95 Counties + 39 Cities + 49 States + 12VE + DX countries.

Others work only VA and send QSO # and state/province/`DX`. Multipliers are the 95 VA counties + 39 independent cities.

Pts. CW = 2, PH = 1, Digital (all non-CW) = 2, Mobiles = 3. Work stations on 3 modes.
Score = (QSO points  X  mults)  + any bonus points. Click the [Multi/Bonus] button to enter the VA Mobile bonus points and club station points. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

County abbreviations are normally the first three letters of the county. Check the list for exceptions. The Independent Cities are 3 letter abbreviations ending in X. The VA counties and cities are listed when you click the `Counties` label to help with the abbreviations. The {Worked} and {To Work} tally buttons also include the Independent Cities.

Datafiles required: