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Note: This software is intended for the casual contester and GenLog has a 5000 QSO limit.

US and Canada (including possessions and territories) work other US and Canadian stations only. All stations send a consecutive serial number, precedence, call, check and section.

Your TX exchange string should look like this:

The precedence is entered into the Power/Class field in the setup screen.
Precedences are:
[A]  Single Op <=150w [B]  Single Op >150w
[Q]  Single Op QRP [S]  School Club 
[M]  Multi-op  [U]  Single Op Unlimited 

The check is the last two digits of the year you were first licensed.

QSO points: 2 points per QSO 
Score = QSO points  X  the number of section multipliers, max 83. 
DX QSOs do not count. Work a station one time, regardless of the band.

At any time, you can view the sections `To Work` and print the list to printer. Turn on the Printer check-box and right-mouse click the list.

Note: Received exchanges are entered as multiple field inputs.

GenLog separates the data entered. You must use either <Enter> or <Space> to input log fields. See more on multiple field inputs.

When entering the section, a hard-coded lookup table allows different inputs other than the exact section abbreviation. EP=EPA, EM=EMA, etc. See / print the data file [arrl_sec.txt].

It is not necessary to enter the leading zeros when entering serial numbers. The leading zeros are added in the correct format when you write your Cabrillo log file, even though they do not appear in your ASCII log.
QSO:  7000 CW 2000-11-04 2109 W3KM       0001 A 66 EPA AA3TT      0009 B 96 EPA
QSO:  7000 CW 2000-11-04 2112 W3KM       0002 A 66 EPA N2NB        0016 A 74 NLI

Off periods must be a minimum of 30 minutes. Calculate your total operating time, 24 hours maximum. Select the menu Log Count hours.

From the ARRL web site rules:
In a Cabrillo format log, you do not record any on or off times. The log checking software will calculate on and off times from your Cabrillo log file.

Specific sections:
KP3 and KP4 are in the Puerto Rico (PR) section. 
KV4/KP2 and KG4xx stations are in the Virgin Islands (VI) section. 
KH6 and other US possessions in the Pacific count as the Pacific (PAC) section.

For the above callsigns, a hard-coded lookup table is used to identify the station`s section. It is displayed in the `contest label` above the QSO entry fields. As always, enter the section the station transmits, ie: the section you QSLed.

Datafiles required: [ sections.dat ] & [ dxcc_pre.dat ].