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YO DX HF Contest

New rules:
YO stations work the world except other YO and send RST and 2 letter county abbreviation.
Others work the world and send RST and QSO serial number starting with 001.

Multipliers are the 42 YO counties + DXCC countries per band.
Band mults shown are only the countries. The total mults including counties are shown in the totals field.

The county mults can be viewed when you click the {Worked} label. As with other contests, the sum of the {Worked} and {To Work} totals should equal the overall total (42 in this case). Currently this function is not per band.

QSO points:
QSO with YO station, 8 points.
With non-YO station in other continent, 4 points.
With non-YO station in own continent, 2 points. 
With station in own country, 0 points (just multipliers). 

Score = QSO points  X  total number of multipliers.

Datafiles required: