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Six Club Contests:
Major Six Club 6-Meter Contest
Six Club 6-Meter Winter Contest
Six Club 6-Meter Sprints

The exchange is your 4-digit grid square and Call Sign.

QSO with your own country is worth 1 point. A multiplier is counted for each new grid.

QSO outside your country (DX) is worth 2 points. A multiplier is counted for each new grid.

Score = (Q-points  X  grids)  +  (DX Q-points  X  DX grids). These are the only grid contests that are scored this way. The logger uses the QSO point values as part of the algorithm to tag the new multipliers for each QTH.

The # new grids are shown in the log as the total multipliers.
For your records, you can enter a station`s Six Club member number.

Map datafiles required are here.