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Windows shortcuts

Do not drag applications .EXEs from Explorer to the desktop to make shortcuts. The program will use the desktop as the startup folder (which will not work). Use <Ctrl + Shift> + drag. Verify the shortcut`s `Start in:` folder by doing right-mouse on the shortcut and selecting `Properties`. The `Start in:` folder is always the folder where the application .EXE resides.

Desktop shortcuts:
Right mouse on a blank space on the desktop.
Select `New`. Select `Shortcut`.
Browse to the logging folder. Select GenLog32.exe
Change the title of the shortcut. Finish.
If you make a logging folder for the desktop, you can drag all the logging shortcuts into that folder to unclutter your desktop.

Program Menu shortcuts:
Go thru the `Start` menu.
Start | Settings | Taskbar & Start Menu
Select the Start Menu Programs Tab.
Select Advanced.
Use the Explorer file system to locate where you want to put the shortcut. If you want it in the Programs Menu, then select the Programs folder, highlighting it.
Select File | New | Shortcut. Then browse and continue making the shortcut as above.