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070 Club 31 Flavors Contest

20m PSK only.

070 Members:
Exchange State/Province/DXCC and 070 member number. Put your member number in the TX Exchange field before logging. It will be saved to Ini file.

Exchange State/Province/DXCC and Name (10 characters max.)

5 PSK mode variants are:
Mode          in GenLog
BPSK 31 B31
QPSK 31 Q31
BPSK 63 B63
QPSK 63 Q63
BPSK 125 B12 (is wide-bandwidth - be considerate).
See the rules for sub-band information.
Multipliers are US States, RAC Provinces and DXCC countries, per each mode variant.
2 multipliers are counted for each of the following:
First US station worked (country and state).
First VE station worked (country and province).
First KL7 station worked (country and state).
First KH6 station worked (country and state).

QSO Points: 1 point for each QSO. Work a station using all 5 modes.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Use the Log Write Text Log ... menu to write your submisssion log which is named { urCall.txt }  - which is a copy of your current log with the scoring header added. Edit the text file header as necessary before submission.
Do not to send urCall.log (which is another contest Cabrillo log) and do not send the 31 Flavors log you named at the beginning of the contest.

I use MixW in digital contests -

Datafile required: [ statespl.dat ].