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PACC Contest

PA stations:
Send RST and 2 letter Province. DR FL FR GD GR LB NH OV NB UT ZH or ZL.

Multipliers are DXCC countries per band. Multipliers not the country code are mults by call area; W, VE, JA, ZL, ZS, VK, CE, LU, PY, UA7/8/9/0. You do not have to accept the default mult displayed by the logger. A different multiplier can be entered before accepting the QSO into the log. Check these while logging and also post contest.

Stations work only PA stations and send RST and QSO serial #. Multipliers are the 12 provinces per band.

Work a station on CW and PH per band.
Score = QSO total  X  the total number of multipliers.

Datafiles required: