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SPAR Winter Field Day

Exchange Callsigns, true RS(T), category, and the local outside temperature (25F, -2C, 5F).
Ex: KB4NKA 459 1O 28F or NR6CA 579 MI -2C

Category (a + b):
a). Number of operators: 1, 2, Multi
b). Site: Indoor, Outdoor, Home

Work stations on all bands (except WARC).
Work stations on all modes:
CW=CW, AM FM SSB=PH, Digital=DI, SSTV=TV, and Satellite=SA

Score 1 point per QSO regardless of band and mode.
Each mode per band scores 1 multiplier.
Total score = # QSOs  X  Multipliers + Bonus points.
Bonus: Count 1000 points if commercial power is not used, 1000 points if outdoors and 1000 points if not at home. For example, operating outdoors in your backyard without commercial power would be 1000 + 1000 = 2000 points (outdoors, no commercial power). While operating from a campground tent using commercial power would be 1000 + 1000 = 2000 points (outdoors and not home).
Click the Mult/Bonus button and enter the total bonus points. Then re-load the log to update the score.