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New Hampshire QSO Party

Contest operation is permitted on all modes and bands except 12, 17 and 30 meters.

NH stations:
Work everyone and send RST and County. 
73 mults for NH: 1-DXCC, 49 other States, 10 NH counties and 13 VE Provinces. 

Non-NH stations:
Work only NH stations and send RST and State, Prov, or DXCC.
Multipliers are the 10 NH counties.

NH counties can be entered as follows:
Enter the first 3,or 4 characters of the county. The logger will convert the county to the first 3 characters.

QSO points:
PH = 1   CW/DIG = 2.
Work stations on 3 modes on each band. The 3 modes are PH, CW and DIG.

Power multiplier: Q = QRP = 3, A = 150W or less = 2 and B = more than 150W = 1.
Bonus points for working NH bonus stations: PH = 10, CW/DIG = 20 for each station worked.
Use the [ Multi/Bonus ] setup to add the bonus points. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

Score = (Total QSO points  X  power multiplier  X  total multipliers) + Bonus points.

Datafiles required: