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Hawaii QSO Party

Hawaii stations send RST and QTH ID.
Mults are the different QTH IDs, 49 states + DC, RAC Provinces and DXCC countries once per log.

Others work only Hawaiian stations and send RST and State/Province/DXCC. 
Mults are the different QTH IDs per band.

QSO points:
10m 3 6 15 
15m 2 4 10
20m 1 2 5
40m 2 4 10
80m 3 6 15
160m 6 12 30

Work stations on 3 modes per band - PH, CW and Digital (RTTY, PSK etc).
In Cabrillo these modes are: PH, CW and PK.
Score  = total QSO points  X  multipliers + Bonus points.

Click [Multi/Bonus] to setup the bonus points. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

QTH abbreviations are:
HIL Hilo
HON Honolulu
KAL Kalawao
KAU Kauai County
KOH Kohala
KON Kona
LAN Lanai Island
MAU Maui County
MOL Molokai Island
NII Niihau Island
PRL Pearl Harbour
VOL Volcano Park

Datafiles required: