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U.S. Counties QSO Party

  was MARAC County Hunters Contest

U.S. stations send RST and StateCounty. Make sure your StateCounty appears in the {TX Exchange} field before logging. When a logfile is re-loaded, the statecounty is taken from the log data.

All others work the U.S. and send RST and `DX`.

The exchange must be a 6-letter (PABUCK or 5-letter SCLEE) StateCounty or `DX`. Verify the spelling of the multipliers post contest. See note below on how to use the `View counties` function.

Multipliers are U.S. counties worked (per mode CW and PH in 2011 rules).
Work county line QSOs as one QSO per county.

Score 1 point for fixed station, 2 points for outside the US and 15 points for mobiles. 
Score = Total QSO points  X  total number of multipliers.

All stations use the sponsor`s summary sheet to figure out your score.

Datafile required: [ marac_counties.dat ].

The {Counties} {To Work} and {Worked} functions can be displayed for either the entire U.S. or just one state. Under normal logging conditions, the last state worked is selected. Hitting <Esc> resets the `View counties` function to the entire U.S.

Using Pennsylvania as the example:

When {PA Co`s) is selected and you click the {Counties} button, the counties for PA are displayed. Same with {To work} and {Worked}. As usual, the {Worked} + {To Work} total should equal the total number of counties for that state (67 in this case). If not, you mis-spelled a StateCounty.

Before actually entering a QSO, you can enter a 2-letter state into the exchange field to display the counties for that state. This is useful if you hear a station and get his state, but not the county abbreviation. After entering the callsign, just hit <End> on the exchange field to edit the StateCounty.

When {US Co`s} are selected and you click the {Counties} button, the U.S.counties are displayed. As far as {Worked} and {To worked}, the same math applies as above. {Worked} + {To work} = 3,077.

Read the County Entry form page about entering counties into your County Hunting log to keep track of total counties worked.

See a nice counties list and colored maps of each state at the County Hunting web site:

Another good site for large state county maps is:
Just edit the state of interest into your browser`s address window, ie: change `pennsylvania` and hit <Enter>.