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NNY Section QSO Party

80m thru 70cm (no WARC bands) on all modes.

NNY section stations work everyone and send RST and county - and if applicable, a bonus exchange consisting of a section position abbreviation: SM, ASM, ACC, BM, OOC, PIC, SEC, STM or TC.

Non-NNY stations work only NNY section stations and send RST and S/P/C.

Counties are 3 characters. States and Provinces are 2 characters only. DX stations are entered as `DX` in the log - for QSO points only.

Multipliers for everyone are the 10 NNY counties - counted one time.
Entering an exchange >2 characters, GenLog scores it as a NNY county multiplier.

1 QSO point with non-NNY section stations.
2 QSO points with NNY section stations.

Bonus exchanges are sent by NNY stations if applicable. Hit <Enter> to skip the bonus entry if none is sent. Score 10 bonus points for each SM received and 5 bonus points for each other bonus received - added to the total score after Q-points X multiplier calculation. The sponsor will score your log properly.

To have your claimed total score calculated by GenLog, click the [Multi/Bonus] button and enter the total bonus points from all received bonus exchanges. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

Datafiles required: