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Maryland-DC QSO Party

MDC stations  work everyone and send county and Category. Multipliers are 25 MDC counties + 49 States + 13 Canadian Provinces + DXCC countries. 

Mobiles: Change your sent county in the logger when you log QSOs in a different county. You can do this without exiting the logger.

Others work only MDC and send state/prov/DXCC and Category. Multipliers are the 24 Maryland counties + DC = 25.

Categories are entered as:
CLB=Club,  QRP=QRP,  MOB=Mobile and STD=Standard. Select your category from the pull-down combo box.

QSO points:
10 points for Club station.
5 points for Mobile.
4 points for QRP.
3 points for CW/RTY/ATV
1 point for all other QSOs.

Score = QSO points  X  multipliers.

County abbreviations - check the counties list.

Datafiles required: