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Ontario QSO Party

Non-Ontario stations:
Work only Ontario stations and send RST and State, Prov or DXCC. Multipliers are the 48 Ontario counties, districts, cities, etc. worked per band.

Ontario stations:
Work all and send RST, County/District/Municipality/City. Multipliers are 50 States, RAC Prov/Terr, DXCC and 48 Ontario multipliers worked per band.

QSO points:
On HF: PH = 1    CW = 2
5 points for VHF/UHF QSOs.
10 points per QSO with VA3CCO, VA3RAC and VE3ODX at the time of this writing. Check the current rules.
Work stations on both modes per band on HF. Work only once per band on VHF.
Score = Points  X  Total multipliers.

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Datafiles required: