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Millennial Cumulative Microwave Contest

Stations exchange six-digit grid squares, or TMO on EME when necessary. The 6-digit square is used to calculate the distance (kM) between stations. Each QSO scores 1 point for each kM distance. 1 multiplier is counted for each new 4-digit grid square on each band and 2 mults are counted on bands 24GHz and higher.

Bonus points: 100 pts. for each new call sign and 1000 points for a QSO made with a station making the initial QSO on his new band. The total score is the sum of the distance points X multipliers + the total bonus points.

Dupes: You can work a station once in any calendar month. You can work a station again in subsequent calendar months as long as either of you has moved >=10 miles from locations previously used. Note: GenLog`s calculations between 6-digit squares agrees with the distance calculated by BD.

When working an EME QSO with a TMO report, enter the TMO report, then enter 500 for the distance. When receiving a 4-digit square, [Enter] the grid square, then [Enter] 0 for the mileage. For the 2 examples above, you must click [Save above data] to accept the incorrectly formatted data. 

Post activity you can figure out the correct mileage for the 4-digit per the contest rules using the SQUARES application, which can be found on my web site.

Map datafiles required are here.

Partial Callsign search:
As described in the Partial Search topic, WWL (grid squares) will also be displayed along with the callsign if you make search datafiles that include 4 or 6-digit locators. Click the callsign in the right-hand window, then click the grid locator to insert them into the appropriate fields.