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070 Club Valentine Sprint

PSK contest. Exchange Callsign, Name, `OM` or `YL` and S/P/C. `OM` is inserted as the default. Edit the OMYL field as necessary.

Before logging, edit your TX exchange as necessary.

Multipliers are US States, RAC Provinces and DXCC countries.
2 multipliers are counted for each of the following:
First US station worked (country and state).
First VE station worked (country and province).
First KL7 station worked (country and state).
First KH6 station worked (country and state).

QSO Points:
1 point for each `OM` QSO and 2 points for each `YL` QSO.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Edit the header of the Cabrillo log file before submission - Category, 070 number etc.

Datafile required: [ statesp.dat ].