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Alabama QSO Party

AL stations work everyone and send RST and county. Multipliers are 50 States + 13 Canadian Provinces per 2 modes.

Mobiles: Change your sent county in the logger when you log QSOs in a different county. You can do this without exiting the logger.

States and Provinces are 2 characters only. Entering an exchange >2 characters, GenLog assumes it is a Alabama county and skips the multiplier check function. DX QSOs are identified as `DX` in the log so DXCC countries are not counted as multipliers.

13-Canadian mults are:
Alberta [AB] (VE6, VA6)
British Columbia [BC] (VE7, VA7)
Manitoba [MB] (VE4, VA4)
New Brunswick [NB] (VE9)
Newfoundland and Labrador [NL] (VO1, VO2)
Northwest Territories [NT] (VE8)
Nova Scotia [NS] (VE1, VA1, CY9, CY)
Nunavut [NU] (VY0)
Ontario [ON] (VE3, VA3)
Prince Edward Island [PE] (VY2)
Quebec [QC] (VE2, VA2)
Saskatchewan [SK] (VE5, VA5)
Yukon [YT] (VY1)

Log Alabama stations with the county they send (not AL). The sponsor will score your log correctly.

Other stations work Alabama only and send RST and State/Canadian Province or DXCC. Multipliers are the 67 AL counties per 2 modes.

QSO Points: CW = 2, PH = 1. Work stations on CW and PH modes.

County abbreviations are normally the first four letters of the county. Check the list for exceptions.

Datafiles used: