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ARRL International EME Competition

Stations exchange call signs and 4-digit grid square. Edit your TX grid if necessary before logging.

Each QSO is worth 100 points.

Score = total QSO points  X  multipliers from all bands.

Multipliers - from the rules:
US states and Canadian provinces, plus each non-US/VE DXCC country per band. Since you do not receive US states or Canadian provinces as part of the exchange, until the rules get resolved, you can either:
1. Enter the correct QTH into the multiplier field before you accept the QSO, if the US/VE station transmits his QTH or if you know his state/province.
2. Edit the log post contest using GenLog`s log editor. The number of new mults column will update automatically.
3. Or - submit the log (and summary file) and let the League figure out your score.

Log submission:
The League doesn`t require a Cabrillo log file, although they will accept the Cabrillo format for log submissions. You must send a summary file [ urcall.sum ] along with your log submission [ urcall.log ].