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Internet 6-Meter DX Contest

The exchange is your 4-digit grid square and Call Sign.

Multipliers are unique grids squares and DXCC countries including W / VE. 

QSO points:
1 point for QSOs in your continent.
3 points for QSOs outside your continent.
In this contest North America is W / VE only.

Score = ( grids + DXCC mults )  X  total QSO pts. 

GenLog will not calculate the score since you must count the DXCC mults and extra points. See the rules for this contest.

Map datafiles required are here.

Partial Callsign search:
As described in the Partial Search topic, WWL (grid squares) will also be displayed along with the callsign if you make search datafiles that include 4 or 6-digit locators. Click the callsign in the right-hand window, then click the grid locator to insert them into the appropriate fields.