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10-10 Open Season PSK Contest

This is a 10-10 Club sponsored 10m PSK31 contest for everyone.

Exchange Call, Name (10 characters max.), State or DXCC Country and each of the club member numbers you hold: 10-10, 070 and EPC.
Example: WA4EEZ, Leslie, FL, 10x 15675, 070 359, EPC 299.
Put your member numbers in the TX Exchange fields before logging. When you exit the software, your numbers are saved to the {10-10PSK_Numbers.dat} datafile for next time.

The received exchange fields are in the order given in the contest rules, and the cursor moves to the next input field on <Enter> or <Space> as usual - but you can <Tab> (or use the mouse) to each field if necessary. Hit enter on the blank field to skip the input on that field.

If you <Enter> a QSO into the log and you missed an input, make a note of the exchange(s) and just <Enter> DL into the callsign input to delete the last QSO. Then re-enter it. This is easier than editing the QSO.

No Mults.
Points per QSO = 1, plus 1 point for each club number received (max 4 points).
Score = Total QSO points.

This log is in non-standard format, so use NotePad or other editor to edit.

Use the Log Write Cabrillo menu to write the Cabrillo - the filename is urCall.log.