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HA DX - Hungarian DX Contest

All stations work anyone. Each station can be contacted once per band and mode (CW and PH).

HA stations send RST and a 2-letter county abbreviation or HADXC member number. 

Non-HA stations send RST and a consecutive serial #.

When working an HA station, a default character `-` is inserted in the serial# field. Just hit <Enter> or <Space> to go past this input and enter either a 2-letter county or member number.

When working a non-HA station, enter the received serial number, then hit <Enter or <Space> at the CO/# field to skip this input.

QSO points:
With any HA station - 6 points. Other continent - 3 pts.
Own country or same continent - 1 pt.

Multipliers for everyone are the HA counties and HADXC member numbers per band.

Score = QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Datafiles required: