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RMG Cumulative Contest

Stations exchange call sign and your 4 or six-digit grid square. If you send a 6-digit square, make sure you change it in the TX exchange box (below the grid input field), otherwise a 4-digit square will appear in your log. The distance calculation and beam heading will be more accurate if you use 6-digits. Distance is provided to help with the scoring task. 

GenLog will only score QSOs with your own grid. The rest is up to you and isn`t done by the software. You can edit the points for each QSO in the edit form. See the contest rules and tally sheets.

Dupes: You can work a station once each day, as long as more than 3 hours has past since the previous day QSO. The software does not keep track of this. And you can work the same station again when it moves to another grid square.

Map datafiles required are here.

Partial Callsign search:
As described in the Partial Search topic, WWL (grid squares) will also be displayed along with the callsign if you make search datafiles that include 4 or 6-digit locators. Click the callsign in the right-hand window, then click the grid locator to insert them into the appropriate fields.