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Michigan QSO Party

MI stations work everyone and send serial # and county. Multipliers are the 49 states, 83 Michigan counties and 13 VE provinces* per mode, not per band. DX QSOs worked for points only and tagged as `DX` in the log.

Mobiles: Change your sent county in the logger when you log QSOs in a different county. You can do this without exiting the logger.

Others work only Michigan stations and send serial # and state/province/`DX`(or nothing, DX is assumed from the prefix). Multipliers are the 83 Michigan counties per mode, not per band.

Pts. CW = 2,  PH = 1. Work stations on each band and on both modes. Score = QSO points  X  multipliers.

Most county abbreviations are the first four letters of the county. Check the list while logging.

Datafiles required:
* Now there are 13 Province multipliers. Newfoundland and Labrador are now combined to NL.