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New Jersey QSO Party

NJ stations:
Work everyone and send RST and six characters "NJ"+county (NJMERC). Mults are 21 counties + 49 states + 13 VE provinces + 1 DX.

Work NJ only and send RST and state/province/"DX". Multipliers are the 21 NJ counties.

QSO pts = 1. Work stations on both PH and CW modes.
Score = total points  X  mults.

The contest is on the same weekend as the MARAC contest. Working MARAC QSOs will no doubt produce the wrong score, but your claimed score does not affect you log submission.

For NJ stations, working MARAC QSOs and logging non-NJ exchanges (PABUCK NYQUEE) is fine since the 49 states will be scored correctly by the sponsor`s log checking software. For non-NJ stations working non-NJ MARAC stations, these QSOs will not count for NJQP.

Non-NJ stations should enter MARAC QSOs into a MARAC contest log, which can be done post contest in GenLog. Or you can operate and log in 2 contests at the same time.

Datafiles required: