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Wisconsin QRP QSO Party

WI stations work everyone and send county. Mults are 72 WI counties + 50 States + 13 VE provinces.

See State QSO Party mults to have the logger also count your own state as a multiplier, since you are receiving the county as the exchange.

Others work WI only and send state/province/DXCC. The signal report is entered in the log as a default. Multipliers are the 72 WI counties. 

Pts. CW = 2, PH = 1. Work stations on both modes. Score = ( QSO points  X  mults ) + bonus points. Click [ Multi/Bonus ] to setup bonus points. Then re-load the log file to update score.
County abbreviations are normally the first three letters of the county. Check the list for exceptions.

Datafiles required: