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Washington Salmon Run

WA stations work all and send RST and county. Multipliers are 39 WA counties + 49 states + VE + DX countries, per log.

Others work WA only and send RST and state/province/DXCC. Multipliers are the 39 WA counties, per log.

QSO points: 
CW/DIG = 3   PH = 2

Work stations on 3 modes: PH, CW and DIG. All non-CW digital QSOs are considered one mode and are RY in Cabrillo.
Score = (QSO points  X  mults) + bonus points. Click [ Multi/Bonus ] to setup bonus points. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

County abbreviations are usually the first three letters of the county, but check the list for the 4-letter exceptions.

Datafiles required: