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PSK31 Rumble

80m thru 6m PSK, no WARC bands.
Exchange your Name and State/Prov/DXCC.

Enter/Change your name/nickname in the TX Exchange field.

Mults are DXCC countries, plus each call area of W(0-9), VE(0-9), VO(1-2), VY(0-2), JA(0-9) and VK(0-9). The first W, VE, JA and VK QSO counts as two multipliers, one for the DXCC country and one for the call area, on each band. The software does count the first W, VE, JA and VK multiplier as a double mult.

Points per QSO = 1.
Score = Total points  X  total mults.

Post contest, use the Log menu to write [ urCall.sum ] summary and [ urCall.mlt ] multiplier files to aid in filling out the on-line score submission.

Hint: Copy Notepad.exe or EditPad.exe to your logging folder to allow auto view of these files.