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070 Club Three Day Weekend

This PSK31 contest is for 070 Club members only.

Exchange RST, Name (10 characters max.) and 070 Club member number. Put your member number in the TX Exchange field before logging. It will be saved to an Ini file.

Mults are the different member numbers. GenLog uses the active member file [ 070mems.dat ]. Check the PODX web site at the time of the contest for the total number of multipliers.

Points per QSO = 1.
Score = ( Total points  X  total mults ) + bonus.

Click the [ Multi/Bonus ] button to setup the bonus points for working bonus stations, 100 points per QSO. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

The datafile [ 070Mems.dat ] is used to display members (minus yourself), members {Worked} and members {To Work}.The datafile [ 070Club_Call_Nr.txt ] is used for member number lookup.

As always, the most up-to-date files are available on the GenLog page. Select `Open this file`, then extract the file(s) you want to the c:\genlog32 folder.

Use the Log Write ASCII file menu to write your log submission file. It will be named {urCall.log}. It should have your 070 Club member number in the header.