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MDXA PSK Death Match

160m thru 6m PSK31 and PSK63, no WARC bands.
Exchange Name and State or DXCC Prefix.
GenLog`s mode is a 3 character field, so PSK31=P31 and PSK63=P63.

Multipliers are States/Provinces and DXCC countries per band and per mode. US and Canada also count as mults - GenLog does not count these - the sonsor will.

QSO points:
1 pt for each QSO on 80m thru 10m.
2 pts for each QSO on 160m and 6m.
Work a station on each mode, P31 and P63.

GenLog`s {Power/Class}:
A = Class 2 = 20-50W max.
B = Class 1 = 75W max.
Q = Class 3 = QRP/5W max.

Click [Multi/Bonus] to setup the bonus points. Then re-load the log file to update the score.
Score = (Total QSO points  X  total multipliers)  +  bonus points.

The Cabrillo file mode is a 2-character field, so I used 31 and 63. Edit the Cabrillo file as needed for Class, etc. If the sponsor does not want the Cabrillo format, just make a copy of the normal ASCII log file that you named at the start of the contest, re-name it to [ urCall.log ]. E-mail [urCall.log] to the sponsor as an attachment.