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All stations send RST, QSO serial number and 6-digit WWL (grid square). Use FM and SSB on the 144, 432 and 1296 MHz bands. Work a station once per band.

The rules require a separate log for each band used, with QSO numbers starting at 001. Create a new contest log for each band used. Then click the log filename in the list-box to change bands.
Name the log files with the band in the filename: ex: 144-ARAM-2009 or 1296-ARAM-2009.
You must make at least one QSO entry to save a logfile, so you can click it later to change bands.
Moving your old log files to an `old` folder will un-clutter the list-box.
Log submission: Write a Cabrillo log for each band. The file is named callsign.log - re-name to callsign-144.log for example. Write other band logs and rename them.

No multipliers. 
Score is based on distance between the 6-digit grids.
144: 1 point per kM distance.
432: 2 points per kM distance.
1296: 5 points per kM distance.

The points per kM are taken for the lookup file { ARAM-Bandas-km.dat }.
Total score is the sum of the distance points.

Enter a 6-digit WWL at anytime to see distance points, distance kM, beam heading and recip heading.