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Run For The Bacon

Exchange RST, State/Prov/DXCC and Flying Pigs member number (or power level for non-member). Enter/change your member number at the prompt - or in the TX Exchange field.

Mults are 50 states, Canadian provinces and DXCC countries per band. 

QSO points:
QSO with DX FP member = 5 points.
QSO with FP member = 3 points.
With non-member  = 1 point.

Use the `W` indicator when transmitting your power level (1W, 5W etc.) to let others know that you are a non-member. The `W` suffix will also help GenLog determine QSO points. 

If necessary, click the [3 points] switch to score 3 points for FP members, or change the points to 5 when working a DX member - before accepting the QSO. The sponsor will score your log anyway.

Member number file:  {MyFlyingPigs_MemNum.dat}.