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Ohio State Parks OTA

Ohio stations operating in one of the 75 State Parks:
Work everyone and send callsign, `Ohio` and the 3-character Ohio State Park abbreviation, ex: ADA, DIL. You are prompted to enter the Park abbreviation at contest startup. When you re-load the log file, your Park abbreviation is taken from the log. Sending `Ohio` as part of the exchange lets others know in advance that you are an Ohio Park station.

Entering a 3-character State Park exchange abbreviation scores as a multiplier. All other S/P/C exchanges are entered as 2-character States, Provinces or `DX`.

All others, including OH stations not operating in a State Park:
Work only OH State Park stations and send callsign and a 2-character State or Province or `DX`. You are receiving and entering only 3-character OH State Parks, which are scores as multipliers.

Work stations once per mode/per band on AM, FM, SSB, CW and DIG (all digital modes not CW).
All QSOs score 1 point, regardless of mode.

Multipliers for everyone are the 75 Ohio State Park abbreviations.

Total score is the number of QSOs  X  the number of multipliers.

Use the Log Write More Files Menu to write a summary file (urCall.sum) and the non-Cabrillo log (urCall.log).

Datafiles required: