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UN DX Contest

Kazakhstan (UN) stations send RST and district code of KDA (one letter and 2 numbers), ex: L07.

Non-Kazakhstan stations send RST and QSO serial starting with 001.

When you work a UN station, you do not receive a serial number - just hit <Enter> or <Space> on the serial field.

Multipliers are KDA codes and DXCC prefixes, per band.

QSO points:
With own country = 2 points>
Other country, same continent = 3 points.
Other continent = 5 points
Non-Kazakhstan stations working Kazakhstan QSO = 10 points. 
Work stations once per band/modes CW and PH.

Total score = Total QSO points  X total multipliers.

Datafile used: [ UNDX_KDA-Districts.txt ].