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County Entry form

It would be nice to add County and QSO Party type contest logfiles to a County Hunting log, to update your totals. Since other contests/activities do not have the county name spelled out, you need a way to get around this. The following is an easy way to add selected QSOs to a County Hunting log {Option19}.

First load your County Hunting log. Use the Counties Add QSO Party Logs pull-down menu. This brings up a window that will allow you copy QSOs from selected logs to your County Hunting log, so the total U.S. counties can be counted accurately. Click a County or QSO Party logfile in the files list-box, or use the arrow key to scroll thru the logs in your logging folder. If that logfile is a `U.S. counties contest`, you can add the QSOs to the County Hunting log.

Click a QSO in the lower log window. The state is found from datafile look-up. Or - type the 2-character state if necessary and hit <Enter>. Then verify the selected county name - or select the county from the list if necessary. Click {OK} to put that QSO in the upper log window. Follow the `Hint` labels in the center of the window.

Click {Save} to save the QSO. Continue adding QSOs as needed. If you make a mistake, click {Clear last QSO} or return to the logging screen without saving that QSO. If you do save the QSO by mistake, return to the logging screen and <Enter> {DL} to delete the last QSO.

After returning to the logging screen, re-load the County Hunting log file to see the updated totals. Use the Edit form to delete any QSOs that do not have the full spelling (or correct spelling), which will cause erroneous totals.

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