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ARRL Rookie Roundup

The contest exchange is callsigns, your name, year first licensed and QTH. U.S. and Canada send state or RAC province. Mexico stations send XE1, XE2, XE3 or XF4. DX sends `DX` for QTH.

Rookies are stations licensed for 3 years or less and work everyone. All Rookie stations send their call as call/ROK. Non-Rookies stations work only Rookies. All stations log Rookie callsigns as call/ROK.

Change the transmitted exchange fields as necessary before starting a log.
Nickname, year first licensed and QTH field (XE1, XF4, DX - for examples).

Multipliers are 50 U.S. states + DC, 13 Canadian provinces, XE1, XE2, XE3, XF4 and 1 DXCC country. See the list of multipliers.

QSO Points: 1 point for non-Rookie QSOs. 2 points for Rookie QSOs.
Score = QSOs X mults.

Multiplier datafile for `Worked` and `To work`: [ ARRL_RR.dat ].