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Ukrainian DX Contest

UR stations send RST + 2-character Oblast.

Note: Your Oblast code is entered into the `Sec/Prov` field of the setup screen, or entered into the `TX Exch` field combo-box of the logging screen. After a log is re-loaded, the `TX Exch` field is loaded from the log file.

Non-UR stations send RST + serial number.

QSO points for all:
QSO non-UR to any UR station = 10
Between stations in different continents = 3
With same continent, but different DXCC country = 2
With same DXCC country = 1

Multipliers for all: UR Oblasts and DXCC countries per band.

Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Area mults can be viewed when you click the {Worked} label. As with other contests, the sum of the {Worked} and {To Work} totals should equal the overall total (27 in this case) and are shown by log. View the summary to see the band totals.

Datafiles required: