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KDR Activity Week

The contest exchange is RST and KDR member number if member.
KDR numbers are sent and received as 6-characters in the KDR###  format.
When working a non-member, enter a dash `-` or zero `0` for the member number.

GenLog finds your member number in the datafile at contest setup. At log file re-load, the logging screen is setup based on whether a KDR number is found in the log.

Multipliers are the KDR member numbers per log.
Work a station once regardless of band or mode.

QSO points:
1 pt for QSO with a non-member.
10 pts for QSO with KDR member.
20 pts for QSO with special stations - edit QSO points before entering the QSO or post contest in NOTEPAD.
Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Datafile required: [ KDR_Members.dat ].