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ZeroLand QSO Party

Note: CountyState means your 3 or 4-letter county abbreviation followed by the state. See the file {zqp_co.txt} for spelling. This exchange is transmitted and logged as one field.

ZQP - Zero Call Area stations (CO, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND and SD) work everyone and send RST and your 5 or 6-letter CountyState (ex: BOUCO). Multipliers are the 50 states, 14 VE provinces and DXCC entities - per log. Counties are not multipliers.

When a ZQP station works another ZQP station, GenLog skips the 5 or 6-character exchange for multiplier count. The contest sponsor counts states as multipliers - as does my Cabrillo Evaluator software -

The received exchange will either be a 5 or 6-letter CountyState or a 2-letter non-ZQP state/province. DX is taken from the prefix.

ZQP stations can select `States` `St/Prov` and `Prov` from the combo-box to show States, States & RAC Provinces and RAC Provinces {Worked} and {To work}. 

Others work the ZQP stations only and send RST and State/Province. Multipliers are the 682 counties per log. The received exchange is a 5 or 6-letter CountyState abbreviation. The abbreviations are listed in the datafile [zqp_co.txt]. 

1. GenLog does not check the spelling of QSO exchange information that you enter !  {Worked} + {To Work} should be 682. If not, an entry is probably mispelled.
2. To get around the duping problem with mobiles, enter call/county - then remove /county before writing the Cabrillo.

All QSOs score 2 points. Work stations on 3 modes per band: PH/CW/DIG.
Score = QSO points  X  Multipliers.

Your state (entered in the setup field) is the key that tells GenLog what end of the QSO you are operating from.

Datafiles used: [ all_coun.dat ]  [ zqp_co.txt ].