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LoTW Contest

All stations send RST and State/Province/DXCC country. 

Contest is for LoTW members only - or if you sign up right after the contest. Members will not get credit for working non-member QSOs - don`t waste their time.

Logs are uploaded to the ARRL LoTW site. Then download your LoTW QSL report and re-name it per the rules and submit that ADI file to the LoTW Contest sponsor.

Multipliers are per log:
Each U.S. state (48), District of Columbia (DC), Canadian areas (13) and DXCC/WAE countries.

QSO pts: 
Own country = 2 points
Other country same continent = 5 points
Other continent = 10 points.
/MM QSOs = 5 points.
Your log is scored by the sponsor based on the submitted logs.

Score = QSO points  X  multipliers.

Datafile required: [ LoTW_SP.dat ].