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WSJT Winter Rally

Sponsor: KS7MS Super Sevens Meter Scatter Group and the WSJT Group.

Freq: 50, 144 and 222 MHz using WSJT.

Select Single-Op Low or Single-Op High category from the [Op Status] pull-down in the setup screen. Select corresponding Power/Class A=Low, B=High.

Exchange is both Calls, grid square and final `Rogers`.

Logged are 6-digit grids and the distance between the 2 grids in miles - mileage is taken from WSJT.
When you <Enter> the distance in miles, the points field is populated.

You can log your signal report or just hit <Enter> on that field to skip it.
GenLog does not check for valid grids. Your own and adjacent grids are not valid.

Mults: each 4-digit grid on each band.
Score = total miles points  X  total mults.

Click the [ Multi/Bonus ] button to input the total bonus value for all the QSOs > 1000 miles. Then re-load the log file to update the score. Read about bonus points.

GenLog exports a Cabrillo log, which will be accepted by the sponsor.
The QSO points scored come from the mileage, which is written to the Cabrillo log.