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SKCC Sprint

The contest exchange is your RST, Name, (State, RAC Province or DXCC country) and SKCC member number or power level (format: 5W) if not a member.

No mults, score or submitted logs. Enter your results at the sponsor`s web site.

Enter/change your name/nickname in the TX Exchange field. Name fields are limited to 10 characters.

Enter/save your member number {MySKCC_MemNum.dat} at contest start - or enter your power level into the TX exchange field - before starting the contest.

Due to the limited number of input fields in GenLog, the rcvd RST is misplaced - it uses the serial # input box. After entering a callsign, the cursor does go to the RST field next.
Datafiles used:  statnaqp.dat and SKCC_Members.dat
Always enter what the other station transmits.