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Exchange RST and operator age. 00 (zero zero) acceptable for YL and XYL. All Multi-operator stations must send 99 as the operator age. Work stations once per band.
Multipliers on each band are DXCC countries (except JA,W,VE and VK mainland), plus each call area of JA(0-9), W(0-9), VE(0-9) and VK(0-9).

QSO points:
2 points for contact with own continent.
3 points for contact outside your own continent.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total entities and call area multipliers.

Use the Windows <Alt> + <Tab> function to move between you Digital software and GenLog. With the mouse, highlight the data in the DIG software and Ctrl+C (copy), then move to GenLog and Ctrl+V (paste) data into the appropriate field.