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All modes of Hellschrieber can be used. SOAB only and <100 watts. See rules for maximum operating time.

Feld Hell Members send RST and FH member number - 599 FH0001. Use FH and 4 characters to match the FH member datafile - required by the log checker`s scoring of multipliers and cross checking.

Non-FH stations send RST and power output level in watts - 599 5W.

Enter FH#### for member exchanges, otherwise GenLog will use the number you enter as the power level in watts.

Multipliers: 1 for each different FH member number - per band.

QSO points: 5 per QSO. Work a station once per band.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multiplers.

Datafile required: [ FH_Members.dat ].