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DL DX RTTY Contest

Exchange RST and QSO serial number. Work stations once per band using RTTY, PSK31 or PSK63.

Multipliers on each band are DXCC countries, plus each call area of W(0-9), VE(0-9), JA(0-9) and VK(0-9). The first W, VE, JA and VK count as two multipliers, one for the DXCC country and one for the call area, on each band. The software counts the first W, VE, JA and VK multiplier as a double mult.

QSO points:
With own country: 5 points.
With different country in same continent: 10 points.
With other continents: 15 points.
Europe station QSO with DL stations: 3 additional points.
Non-Europe station QSO with DL stations: 5 additional points.
Change the QSO point value if required before <Entering> the QSO.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Use the Windows <Alt> + <Tab> function to move between you Digital software and GenLog. With the mouse, highlight the data in the DIG software and Ctrl+C (copy), then move to GenLog and Ctrl+V (paste) data into the appropriate field.

1. You can use RTY or any digital mode in GenLog to keep track of QSO modes, but all QSOs show as RY in the Cabrillo file.
2. The QSO points are saved to the Cabrillo file at column 80 and are used by my Cabrillo Evaluator software and does not interfere with the sponsor`s log checking software.